Code of Ethics
Athletic Directors' Champions of Character Letter
In order that the overall objectives of the Crossroads League Constitution be fostered, encouraged, and attained, the following code of ethics has been adopted:
  1. It is the duty of coaches to be in control of their players at all times in order to prevent any un-sportsman-like act toward opponents, officials, or spectators.

  2. Coaches are expected to comply wholeheartedly with the intent and spirit of the rules. The deliberate teaching of players to violate the rules is indefensible.

  3. Coaches should teach their players to respect the dignity of the game, officials, opponents and the institutions which they represent.

  4. Coaches should confine their discussion with game officials to the interpretations of the rules and not challenge officials' decisions involving judgment.

  5. Whereas friendly banter between players is not to be prohibited: cursing, obscene language, malicious or personal remarks to opponents or spectators should not be tolerated at any time. Rather, the players should spend their energies toward encouraging their teammates to better efforts.

  6. Coaches should emphasize the fact that their assistants, managers, and other bench personnel must confine their remarks to their own teammates and not "ride" the opposing players.

  7. Coaches, themselves, should refrain from any personal action that might arouse players or spectators to un-sportsman-like behavior.

  8. Coaches should expect from the officials a courteous and dignified attitude toward players and themselves.

  9. Coaches should seek help from school administrators in controlling unruly students and spectators.

  10. A coach or faculty member should be present at all Crossroads League athletic events so that the highest standards of sportsmanship and conduct be maintained.